Sire Name Calving EaseGestation LengthBirth Weight200 Day WeightFull Details
Figures quoted are the variation of their EBVs from breed average.
BOLIDE0.67 Easier0.9 Longer0.55 Heavier8.92 HeavierFull Details>
Barrons ESQUIRE1.27 Easier0.1 Shorter0.85 Lighter15.08 LighterFull Details>
Huntershall GLADIATOR2.73 Harder0.3 Shorter0.25 Heavier11.92 HeavierFull Details>
Tomschoice LEXICON0.17 Easier3.3 Shorter0.05 Lighter10.92 HeavierFull Details>
Fieldson NITRAM2.83 Harder0.7 Longer1.75 Heavier28.92 HeavierFull Details>