Aintree Brigadier

Inch Blackisle Daphne 2 EX-92, dam of Hearty, Patrick, Persistent and Tarquin

Kirkby Monica 21 BFV-88,

dam of Marriott

Sire Name PLIMilk kgFat %Protein %FITypeMammaryFeet & LegsFull Details
Catlane CROMWELL£331149- Details>
Nerewater JACKPOT£2593000.01-0.02N/A1.51Full Details>
Kirkby MARRIOTT£177560.080.02N/A0.85Full Details>
Inch PATRICK£238270. Details>
Inch PERSISTENT BFE-90£4402360. Details>
Inch TARQUIN£2872910. Details>
Aintree BRIGADIER£214348-0.180.06N/A0.86Full Details>
Inch HEARTY£4251680.150.12N/A1.23Full Details>
Whinnow WEBSITE£-3755-0.030.02- Details>
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