Sire Name Calving EaseGestation LengthBirth Weight200 Day WeightFull Details
Figures quoted are the variation of their EBVs from breed average.
Norbreck BLACK BEAUTY3.1 Easier1.3 Shorter2.0 Lighter3 LighterFull Details>
Boherard CANTONA0.4 Easier1.1 Longer1.5 Heavier1 LighterFull Details>
Drift DOMINO2.1 Harder1.7 Longer1.9 Heavier1 HeavierFull Details>
White Farm DYLAN0.2 HarderN/A0.2 LighterN/AFull Details>
Boothlow DYNAMO1.6 Easier0.6 Longer0.5 Heavier6 HeavierFull Details>
Goodyhills EMPEROR0.4 Easier1.6 Shorter0.5 Lighter6 HeavierFull Details>
FAMILIER D Hontoir0.7 HarderN/AN/AN/AFull Details>
FAROUK de St Amand0.8 Easier0.8 Shorter1.8 LighterN/AFull Details>
Cromwell FENDT1.1 Harder0.4 Longer0 Average1 LighterFull Details>
Stonebyres HARTLEY0.1 Lighter0.1 Shorter0 Average2 HeavierFull Details>
HEROS Du Peroy2.3 Harder0.3 Longer2.3 Heavier7 HeavierFull Details>
IMMENSE D Yvoir1.6 Harder0.2 Longer0.8 HeavierN/AFull Details>
Moorsley KEEPER0.9 EasierN/A0.3 Lighter1 LighterFull Details>
Springfield KINGMAKER0.6 HarderN/A1.1 Lighter2 HeavierFull Details>
MANCHESTER Du Bois Remont1.5 Harder1.3 Longer1.9 Heavier3 HeavierFull Details>
OBAMA des 1000 Fontaines0.2 HarderN/A0.8 LighterN/AFull Details>
PYTHAGORE Du Bois RemontN/AN/AN/AN/AFull Details>
TENACE De La Praule1.6 Harder0.9 Harder3.3 Heavier8 HeavierFull Details>